Spotting Whales from Space

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Date recorded: Feb. 21, 2022

Founded in 1998, BioConsult SH is a team of natural scientists and an independent ecological research and consulting firm. BioConsult compiles expert environmental reports, principle protection concepts and feasibility studies on the basis of sound research with the aim to help resolve conflicts between Man and Nature.

BioConsult established an automated identification tool to use Maxar’s satellite imagery for whale monitoring.

Join our expert from BioConsult for this in-depth talk on spotting whales from space.

Presented by


Caroline Hoeschle

Marine Scientist and Research Team Leader, BioConsult SH

Caroline Hoeschle is marine scientist and research team leader at BioConsult SH since 2009 and graduated in biology at the University of Hamburg, Germany (Diploma in zoology, ecology and nature conservation, 2008). She has spent time on ships and planes to survey marine mammals and study the behaviour of whales and dolphins.

Her academic and professional work has centred in applied sciences in the marine environment in diverse projects, monitoring marine mammals with acoustic and aerial surveys in the framework of environmental impact assessments and research of new techniques. Together with her team, she is currently leading the project “SPACEWHALE” that established an automated identification tool to use satellite imagery for whale monitoring.